Burnout Coach For Overwhelmed Professional Women

Blended the wisdom of holistic health practices with the fast-paced world of Silicon Valley tech to bring you a highly efficient and effective path out of burnout.
Overcome my own multi-faceted burnout–recovering my health, career, marriage and life from the downward spiral of burnout.
Helped overwhelmed women to heal from and end their burnout.

Signature Topics

Signs & Symptoms of Burnout

The 5 Success Traps

The Secret Key to Ending Burnout

Boundaries vs. Balance

Questions I’d Love to Answer

What are the signs & symptoms of burnout?
What external and internal factors lead to burnout?
How does aligning with your own values end burnout?
How do you honor your “yes” and your “no”?
What are the steps to ending burnout?

What Hosts Have to Say

Hi, I’m Hannah 👋

In the whirlwind of life, I hit a wall – hard. I was stuck in the thick, suffocating fog of burnout. It wasn’t just about work, although that was a big part of it. It was more than that; it was a multi-faceted burnout, a combination of career burnout, parenting exhaustion, and health fatigue that left me feeling like an overused, undercharged battery.

I mean, have you ever felt so drained that you couldn’t even get out of bed (for weeks!)?

But here’s the thing: hitting rock bottom can sometimes be a blessing in disguise. It forces you to take a step back, reassess, and most importantly, prioritize yourself. And that’s exactly what I did.

Recovery didn’t happen overnight. It wasn’t a magic pill or a quick fix. Instead, it was a journey, a series of small but powerful steps towards reclaiming my energy and my life.

Slowly, I started to feel better. I found my energy returning, my passion reigniting. I felt like myself again.

That’s why I created the Serene Success System. It’s a lifeline for the tired, the stressed, the overwhelmed. It’s a roadmap to accelerating recovery, to recharging your life, to designing a career and life you love.

On a lighter note, when I’m not deep into helping women end burnout, I can be found wandering in the woods or chasing my kiddos at the beach.

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Hannah Tackett, a former tech leader with 16 years of experience, now dedicates herself to coaching against burnout.

Having navigated her own career-halting burnout, she empowers high-achieving women to recognize and overcome the pressures of professional life.

Through her expertise, she guides others to reclaim control and maintain well-being in their careers.

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